First Pixel Setup.


New elf
Nov 15, 2013
First off I would like to say thanks to the many who offered "mostly friendly" advice - even though its all written up somewhere on a WIKI :p hearing from other members who has gone through it helps so much more.

I stumbled into ACL early Nov 2013 looking for info. A big shout out to David_AVD who copped alot of my constant questions ehe. I bought a DC48 controller and PSU from him, a LOR16 from mellowyellow as well as prob a good 30 strings of assorted "big-w" type leds as well as 16 strings of mybrytes.

I had already began stripper my lights from their controllers. I was laughed at when I said I was starting my light show now ehe. I added another 10 strings of lights to a 3.6m led xmas tree, installed the dc48 and psu into cabinets, ran 2 network cables through an old foxtel point (sickbeard rules!!) from the loungeroom to the carport cavity where they are wrapped and zip-tied out of sight. I bought S3 advanced, dongles, cable, tools etc.

I had 2 very basic shows, as I had no time really.

I was planning to merge the 3.6m led tree into a 2.5/5m pixel tree. (pics will be posted shortly)

I overloaded this tree as well as lights attached to cables running infront. I had 4 lengths of electrical wire tired to the tree and into rods in the ground to keep it taught.

I am using a selection of steel and tools that my boss has kindly donated for the cause of the inner child in me.

I have bolted a 16 " x 9" piece of structural steel to a large 4wd wheel/tyre.
To the steel is welded galvanized pipe around 1m in height 4" diameter and has a screwed handle to lock the pipe once it is in.
As I initially designed this as a 2.5m tree with option to extend next year - I have since decided to go 5m now, from Base to Star Mount.

I have 3 lengths of Galvanized steel with holes drilled 6" from top and bottom. Sleeves go over the end and are locked off at corresponding holes. I was planning on doing most of the heavy on my own so I thought this idea would be easier.

I will be using galvanized wire with turnbuckles anchored to re-bar pegs I made at work. My tree will be 180 degrees. I have a cover for the base which was part of the original led tree. It has a 1.25m diameter.

I could also dump the cover and and just weld a piece of steel under the structural steel to attach the supports for the pixel strips. I assume this is crap ? . This looks like junk compared what we have at work - It wont break.

Or else its this though i hope to get it cheaper and white from a local electrical wholesaler who has good prices.

I assume I will need to put a t-piece below the star to hold the conduit/wire. I have some very light angle iron I can use for this. So what length does the T piece need to be at the top middle and bottom ? is 3 enough.

I will be using 6 to 8 strips this year and maybe double next year.

Pixelite16 controller, meanwell 5v PSU, 3 and 2 pin connectors from Ray's as well.

I currently have a LOR16 with around 120m of red/green rope lights and 16 strings of mybrites. (maybe sell)
I also have a DC48 which is practically full but moving the tree to pixels have saved around 16 channels.

So to purchase: controller, psu and pixels from their respective suppliers. 1st 2 AU and Pixels and pigtails from Ray's.
Everything else is local/online depending on whether I use conduit/wire as support
6 core alarm cable ? Is this gauge sufficient enough - 3 wires for 3pin (power data ground)2 wires for 2pin (power ground) injector per string. Would I inject at both ends or bottom middle ?

I plan to store horizontally in the shed with pulleys up to mezzanine level so it wont have to be dismantled except for the base.

I have 2 usb dongles. I LOR dongle which I will sell with the LOR16 if I sell and one from David_AVD which is a 2 port dmx/rs-485.

Just looking on advice directions of which way to go and pitfalls.