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Dec 1, 2016
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Hi Everyone,

I've been doing something thinking regarding FPP and Helping users troubleshoot. I've previously made a Web Emulator for my previous employer which essentially had every make and model of Tplink, Netgear, Cisco, etc Routers which I used to help my co-workers troubleshoot internet connections and to guide customers through the setup process when they purchased a Fibre Internet service. I was wondering if anyone would be interested If I were to make a website that emulated different versions of FPP? and perhaps a jail system of each emulation instance so you actually change settings and then come back to that instance.

Just some basic Features I was thinking of
  • Emulator of Layout With Fully working navigation (No Settings allowed to be changed)
  • Emulator Version History (Switch between all different FPP versions)
  • FPP Settings Generator (configure your instance of FPP and be able to download a settings file to upload directly to your pi)(Useful to configure your PI whilst you are awaiting for it to be shipped) (Could possibly include a full .img file which includes your settings)
  • Send your Instance of the emulator to another user / Allow upload of config
  • All to be made on a web app for ease of use.
Main reason I was thinking of making this throughout the holiday period / beginning of next year was for assisting others when I am not at home with a pi or when zoom isn't an option. Just wanted peoples thoughts if this would be a useful tool



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Dec 27, 2011
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On paper sounds like a good idea to me.
Would you offer this just to ACL members, or discuss with the FPP programmers to see if they see benefit in linking/using via the Falcon forum site?
It appears (for whatever reason) a number of people have experienced some issues when updating to 2.x this year, so to have somewhere to easily roll back to previous version sounds good.
PS, I am not one of those people and as such have experienced zero issues using 1.9.


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Dec 27, 2010
It would be handy. I've been going to do a few videos for my boards that run under FPP but haven't got there as I never seem to have a running instance of FPP handy except during showtime.