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Aug 15, 2012
Hello everyone, first off i want to apoligize if this has been adressed before and if so please post link, when searching for ge g35 lights on search i got 3 results nothing really pertaining to my questions.

Quick back story, i am from washington state in the us. Rains alot so need water proof lights etc. without doing the research i saw a good deal at costco on the ge g35 50bulb light sets. My noob thinking planned on plugging the 4 sets together and having them in sync also with cool sequences after hopping online i found i was in a world of hurt! Sequences suck and you cant sync all 4 right out of box. I then dove into the darco hacking sites etctc but i have no experience with audrino and all that stuffso made no sense to me. I really would love a simple set up of these lights that i can control 20 min rotation of green to red to blue etc and maybe in future some more advanced chase to stacking sequences.

Here are my questions, if i wanted to keep these lights what would i have to buy or get to control them, sandevice saw some J something etc? How hard is it to do, sequence etc..

If these lights are just a total waste time, what would be comparable to buy from wu store, need be rgb led and very waterproof and produce good size light. And also with those recommend lights what will i need to control them and sequence them.

Not to make things more complicated but at some point i will be buying ccr from lor for a mega tree. I know that the suite for lor can be used in e1.31 i believe in the advanced software so if this is correct then i would just need the lights controller.... And then id be able to use the lor suitefor the program?

I apoligize for all questions and if they have been answered before i have talked to a lot of people on other forums and they all directed me here saying the ausie site light years ahead and very friendly. I only got one response on other sites. I understand its also late in the so i apoligize. I was just super happy when i got the ge g35 lights and was stoked to be the only one in the surrounding area to have this type display. That was until i actually did research.

Thanks again for any advice or help



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Apr 26, 2010
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For us Aussies we have very little experience with these GE lights as they are not sold here and would be the reason you would have found not many results.

But you can control these lights by using a Sandevices E682 controller which supports these pixel types. The place to get more info on the E682 and the GE color effects combination is over at DIYC forums as there are many users there with the same combination, so your not alone.

The issue you have is the lack of time to learn how to do it and at this time of the year people can be stretched and not be available to help.

If you want to learn more about your options you can refer to the ACL 101 Lighting manual, but I really think you may be better off planning something not too ambitious with such little time left, with a plan to go much bigger next year.