Getting LOR S3 Sequence to communicate to WS2811 via Falcon16 controller


New elf
Jul 30, 2013
I have decided to jump in to the world of RGB this year and I am having a few issues. First here is a break down of what I use:
9 – LOR CTB-16D Controllers (120v -AC)
1 – Falcon 16 Pixel Controler (12v DC)
1 – Lynx Dongle flashed with Pixelnet
WS2811 Pixel RGB flex strip

I am having trouble getting an LOR S3 sequence to properly run my WS2811 flex. I am using Xlights 2012b to “split up” the sequence from LOR network and Pixelnet. However I believe I have the wrong channel setup /assignment in my sequence to run the RGB flex in the “test” section of xlights. Any help would be appreciated!!! Also if someone has successfully done this an .lms file would greatly help so I can visually see what channels/assignments you used.
Jeremy Brown
Mason, MI