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Jan 24, 2013
Giday everyone,

My name is Geoff but I more commonly go by my nickname 'Chicken'. I'm an electronics tech by trade but have been off the tools for far far too long. My interest in lighting, especially LEDs, is a major reason why I joined the trade as a kid many years ago. Now it's time to get my hands dirty again and start a hobby.
I have been putting up xmas lights to a varying degree for many years but only started using LEDs last year. Now that I've moved into my own house and with all the possibilities that exist with rgb and music, the sky is the limit (well I guess the roof will be).
When I started to research the internet, I firstly discovered 'Lithgow Lights'. I must give credit to his website and the effort he has put into it as it has led me to the plethora of other websites out there, including ACL. I have browsed ACL and acknowledge why everyone highly recommends the website. The 101 manual is excellent as well as the presentations, videos and threads too - well done, its been very informative.
Now I'm looking forward to planning and placing my first order (but not my credit card statment) and getting started.




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Nov 8, 2011
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to ACL Chicken

As you will find out the roof is not the limit.
Joining these forums and entering the chat room can give you CLAP!!! :D
Christmas Lighting Addiction Problem
After you get CLAP, a simple little thing like a roof will not stop you. :D
You may put things on your roof that stick up even further, you may build something on the ground that stands taller than your roof.
Whatever, there are lots of very friendly folks here that will be glad to give you assistance for any info you might desire.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Looks like you fit in perfectly in this crazy hobby

Feel free to drop into the chat room to chat with some fellow CLAP infected members