Great to see another good valued option on its way for the hobby


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Apr 26, 2010
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From Jim at sandevices, taken from this thread over at DIYC

I will have a new pixel controller available next month. It is basically a scaled-down E682 designed to be a low-cost alternative where you don't need a full-size controller like the E682. Hey, let's call it the E683.....

Size is 2.5" x 4", mounting holes on 2"x3" centers, compatible with CG series enclosures.
4 individual pixel string outputs, (same connector as E681 and E682).
6 pluggable Fuses: 4 for pixel outputs, 1 main, and 1 for controller electronics.
Single pixel power input, 5V or 12V up to 32A, same power terminal block as used on the E682.
Reverse polarity protection.

This board will run essentially the same firmware as the E682. That means (with the new firmware release), up to 12 universes of unicast or 7 universes of multicast.

Each output can be configured for a different pixel type, so support for 4 pixel types simultaneously.

Pricing not firm yet, but looking to be under $100 for an assembled board, $60-something for a kit.

Bill Ellick

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Dec 31, 2011
This sounds great for SansDevice.
This will help blurr the lines between him and the J1Sys equipment. If he does some work on the interface for setting the controllers, it will be a very tough choice between the two soon.