Grid Pattern all in 1 tool

May 13, 2010
Hi all,

I created and all in 1 app that will

Create a Pixel Map
Convert AVI to BMP images
Re size the BMP images
Convert BMP images to PPM <----- Removed
Create Vixen files from the PPM's <------- Now Vixen files created directly from Images

I am sure there are bugs even simple ones I have missed - let me know and I will fix them as we go.

I don't have any pixels but decided to write an app to help others for now.

I will create a how to video over the next couple days

Oh you will need to copy the freeimage.dll to you system folder and make sure it registered.

Version 1.0b

This new version allows you to create Pixel Maps with strings that all start at 1 end.

I have removed the creation of PPM files because I have written my own code to create all the Vixen files.

I have written code that will extract the pixel info from the images directly to create the vixen files and this new method is extreemly fast. Matrix Creator 1.0.rar