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Grinch talking face

Discussion in 'Cutouts, Wire Frames & Motifs' started by videoman3857, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Glass House Mountains
    Thinking about setting up a "Grinch" talking face at the front of our property to greet and nag our visitors via a pir sensor connected to my LOR G3-MP3 Director
    Wanting "Grinch" to greet and then "Nag" people to remain on paths and not to swing on the strands of lights.

    Any advice on making "Grinch"
    Corro ?
    Wire frame?
    Aluminium ?
    Pro's and cons. I am thinking an Aluminium frame, but all I can find is 6.2 mm diameter and I would prefer 5mm as I want to use clips to hold my Leds in place.

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