Happy with Ray Wu


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Dec 5, 2012
Swansea, NSW
There seems to have been quite a few issues raised with Ray Wu supply recently so I wanted to share my good experience.
The past week I have been testing some of my set up and have had 2 power supplies stop working over 2 separate nights, on 2 different elements. I contacted Ray via email in the hope he could help me out. Ray replied with an email less than 24 hours later, with an apology and an offer to rectify the situation. Ray's offer was first rate, offering to pay me to purchase more expensive replacements locally, as shipping would make it unfeasible. I am a reasonable person and I hope to have a good working relationship with Ray into the future. I compromised and suggested that he could give me a discount on my next order (next year) or provide replacement items in my next order. A number of emails took place to get to this point and all were done within the space of 48 hours. I couldn't be happier with the response time and offer to rectify. I have placed 2 orders with Ray this year (first year at lighting) and both were received 1 week from order. One of which was a custom order
I understand things can certainly go awry and that I have been fortunate, but this time of year is when we express our goodwill isn't it? :D
'Tis the season.


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Dec 24, 2011
Botanic Ridge
Well done :)

People are always quick to let everyone know about the negatives however you don't see enough of these positive messages.
For every bad Ray experience I'm sure there are hundreds of good ones like these.

:D :D


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Feb 8, 2012
Most of my experiences with Ray havel been positive, those that were not were soon rectified by him in a very short period of time and usually with some sort of a bonus add in.


Michael Borg
Dec 28, 2011
claremont meadows
It's Christmas after all. The best time of year. Apart from all the blinky blinky stuff. How could anyone be negative with all the parties, ham off the bone, mangos, Christmas cake, pudding and custard, fresh press cider. It's the time I year I always look forward too and ray just helps us add more fun and enjoyment to the season. Oh and of course all the happy elves at auschristmaslighting.

Charl Marais

For my twins was the excuse I started with.
Jun 27, 2013
7 orders for a total of $4561.87US this year.

No order took longer than three weeks to get to my door and that was probably only due to the stupid south African customs service that cannot get stuff cleared in a week.

No e-mail took longer than 24 hours to be answered and so far I have only had 4 pixels fail.

I might be luckier that some others but I am currently very happy with Ray :D

Christmas on Clarafield

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Nov 9, 2011
I only had one order with Ray this year. I needed a programmer and it took just 2 weeks from initial email request to the package at my door.

It's the same as the situation I found myself in waiting in line at the bank an hour before it closed this afternoon. Everyone was complaining there were only 3 tellers working. Lets face it, it was only a 10 minute wait but both people in front of me complained about the wait. I got a 10 minute break from a 14 hour worl day! We live in an age of instant gratification. We also like to leave things to the last minute and then everyone ends up wanting to use the same service at the same time. Very few businesses want to serve all their customers at the same time, rather spread them out over the day/month/year. If all businesses staffed for their peak demand, costs would go up. Managing a restaurant I see this every week, come in at 6:00pm on a Monday or 8:00pm on a Sunday, the restaurant is quiet and relaxed and the waiters will attend to your every need. But of you are lucky enough to actually get a table 7:00pm on a Saturday then if you get what you order within a reasonable time you are doing well yet everyone still wants to come at that time.
Ray at this time is what I have on Saturday nights and I feel for him.

Anyway that's just my rambling. I will still go to Ray when I eventually move into pixels next year.