Hello Everyone!


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Dec 21, 2012
Hello everyone! My name is Jeff, aka: USCS30! I hope to snoop around here a little and steal everyones helpful information and share it with others like you guys are with me! I look forward to helping others if I can! I'm kind of new to all this but I hope to figure some of it out! I wish you all a wonderful holiday with your family and friends on this special holiday season! I'd also like to mention (even though I'm not from the state of CT.) that we should all keep the families involved with the Sandy Hook Elementry School (in Ct.) in our thoughts and prayers during this time! Christmas time is a time for joy and happiness with our familes and our friends! Unfortunately for these families, they won't have a joyful holiday as this evil person has taken their precious family members. May GOD Bless them all and all of you as well on this Christmas Holiday!


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL, the best place to start for info is with the ACL 101 Lighting Manual

Being a parent myself the thought of what happened over there is incomprehensable and we can only hope that some good eventually comes out from this.