Hello from Argentine, MI. USA!


New elf
Sep 14, 2010
Argentine, MI
Hello all! Just a quick note to say thanks for this forum and all the wonderful members.

I have been a member of DOITYOURSELFCHRISTMAS for about 4 years now, and have had an automated display for the last 3 years.

I currently have 160 channels via the older XMUS Ren16 board and a 2 panel (2x1) LEDTRICKS controlled via TRICKS-C. I also have a Vastelec FM transmitter with RDS.
I've ordered the TP3212 to add to my display this year, along with 160 Pixels I just received from Ray Wu's store.
I'll also be using LIGHTSHOWPRO software instead of Vixen.

I do this "Christmas Light Thingy" (as my wife calls it) mainly for the challenge to see if I can do it, and the enjoyment of my family and friends.