Hello from Austin Texas


New elf
Sep 30, 2010
Hello everyone!

My name is Marty and I am in Austin, Texas.

For the last 2 years I have had a small display. I have 2 Ren 64s using a total of 90 channels. Last year I was over 11,300 lights.

My web site is www.austinchristmas.org.

I have been trying to stay with traditional christmas colors; red, green and white/clear. This was easy with minis and C9s, however RGBs might force me to change my thinking.

I have been following the RGB side for a little while now however I have not jumped in yet. I am hear to learn more and most likely jump in.

A quick background on myself. I am an ESX, Windows and Linux server engineer for a fortune 30 company. My technology background makes doing a Christmas light display very easy for me.

I have already learned a lot just by joining the chat. For anyone new I highly suggest it as the other members are great at answering and helping.