Hello from California, and really need some advise


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Oct 13, 2012
I would like to build a pixel tree for Christmas this year. I have downloaded Nutracker and LSP, and trying to learn the software. The tree will consist of 16 to 24 fifty pixel strings. I would like the tree to look something like this Nutcracker and HLS Sequencer test
My questions are should I use the WS2801 or WS2811 from Ray? And what controller to use, will the ECG-P2 work or will I need the ECG-P12R, or maybe the E682?
Will the tree look better if I only make the pixel strings go around lets say 270 degrees rather than the 360 degrees?
I'ts all very confusing at this point. And any input will be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL. I hope you find the forum to be of a great benifit
You have given yourself an ambitious time line to learn everything and get it all setup without too much stress as many have been planning and building for many months now and assistance can be scarce due to most being busy doing final prep before show time.

Now for a comparison between the 2801 and the 2811 then refer to this thread

Now as far as a controller for a mega tree I would believe the ECG-P12R or the E682 would be the better choice as these controllers are designed for a more centralised approach than what the ECG-P2 is. As far as built and tested cost between the P12R and the E682 then the P12R is the better valued choice on a cost per channel basis, but the E682 can be bought in Kit form as well for $109
ECG-P2 12 universes, 6120 channels, 2040 pixels, 12 outputs, built and tested unit $175
E682 6 universes, 3060 channels, 1020 pixels, 16 outputs, built and tested unit $180

As far as if to make a 360 or 270 degree tree or even 180 degrees, then that goes down to your display layout. Do you have a display where people will walk about or is your display mainly viewed from one side.

Good luck with it all