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Jan 19, 2012
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Hi Everyone;

I have no hardware and no software yet.. I have decided i would like to make a mega-tree for this next Christmas.

In order to help with making sequences, i am building a platform independent tool

Some info on the design of the sequencer.[/size]The entire tool will be web based.Select math model on the left side of web page1) Cone2) Plane3) Fan For each model i have various mathematical algorithms to create images. The math model output (X,Y,Z) is written to a file.On the right side of the web page is the models to project on. I have finished the code for creating a megatree with any number of segments.1) Megatree. You define the number of segments (ie. 8, 16, 32 .et.c), the number of pixels per leg, the channel number, the starting and ending pixel number., the height of the megatree and the radius. With this i create the output model. X,Y,Z, channel, pixel. One datapoint for all. so if you had 16 channels and 60 pixels per leg there would be 960 data points written to a target model file. Web page builds the file X,Y,Z,Channel, Pixel#2) Flat plane of vertical LEDs. The matrix of LED's all located in x,y,z space. TBD3) A snowman, 10' tall. Three spheres. This is just to show that the target models can be any shape.Example:I create a 10' high cone with 2.5' radius. I run the model for spirals across the cone.I move the 10' cone on top of the model for the megatree.I then map the model file of x,y,z data to the target model by finding the distance of each pixel from the target using d = sqrt (( x1-x2)**2 + (y1-y2)**2 + (z1-z2)**2))i will set parameters of how close a pixel has to be to be set on. I will then select the target pixels and mark them as ON with the RGB from the source model.I plan on allowing multiple math fomulas on the cone (spiral lines, stars) combined together. Here is the first pass of the tool: http://meighan.net/seqbuilder/index.phpI next want to export the sequence as an xml file to import into lsp/vixen/lor.I plan on the web page allowing you to select which animation model you want ( radio buttons will allow selecting as many as i have in the gallery) and then projecting the animation onto the model of the target (megatree, flat panel, snowman,.etc.).I started a thread on this software also herehttp://diylightanimation.com/index.php?topic=7657.0thanksseanBTW, this Christmas my 10 yo sons and i built some 9 ' tall nutcrackers. I plan on adding lights to them next year. We captured the plans of how to build them if anyone might be interested.http://meighan.net/nutcrackers


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Nov 8, 2011
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to ACL

There are lots of talented people here,
However you lost me at
smeighan said:
i am building a platform independent tool


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL, ive had a look at what your doing and it does look exciting but im just wondering why the post over at LSP was removed on the same subject.

The other question is how far away do you live from South Park. LOL couldnt help myself


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May 29, 2010
Wlecome to ACL smeighan. Wow that was a lot of reading, good luck with with your project, sounds exciting.