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Jan 29, 2014

I'm a computer geek by trade and general geek by hobby. I've been animating lights for a 3-4 years now. I do Christmas and Halloween. [font=arial, helvetica]I have a small, low activity website: jerry-rigs.com.[/font]

My inventory includes:
-LOR CTB16PC x 3
-LOR ServoDog x 1
-LOR [font=arial, helvetica]CMB16D x 1-
-Whole House FM Transmitter
-Not that many lights (comparatively)
-A few Rainbow (and similar RGB LED) [/font]
[font=arial, helvetica]Floods
-Solid state, remote controlled video player
-Video projector

I've built:
-Custom wiring harnesses from SPT-1 & 2
-Window light frames with multiple strings
-Wired Remote control box
-Large Mickey Mouse icon shaped Wreath
-15 ft "Mega" (medium?) tree
[font=arial, helvetica]-Small fireworks ignition system
-Graveyard fencing
-Driveway arch
-Talking skull
-Projection bust similar to a "Ghost Bust" (note that "Ghost Bust" is a [/font]
[font=arial, helvetica](actively and politely defended) trade-marked [/font][font=arial, helvetica]name for a very good product (please insert whatever legalize is needed here))
-"vortex" style fog chiller.

I am looking at jumping into pixel strings and joined here mostly for the Lighting 101 info. As a result, I will be branching out into DMX, likely over E1.31.



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Mar 11, 2012
Christopher Creek Arizona
Welcome to ACL! It looks like you have a good handle on things. My suggestions. Get into LOR S3 to start with your pixels, but hold off on buying Superstar as Xlights/Nutcracker (which is free) will do most all of the effects you can think of. Read a bunch before you buy LOR's CCR's ... again you can save a lot of money by going the DIY route. Look at the SanDevices E1.31 control boards. I have 2 682's and 1 6804 and they have been rock solid. Also you might want to take a look at Ray Wu's site on Ali Express for your pixels. Just suggestions. Stop by chat and say hi. You will find a lot of great people on there willing to help with any questions you may have. Again Welcome.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL, lots of great help and info here, so feel free to ask any questions

Now you say you plan to use DMX instead of E1.31, E1.31 is dmx over IP (ethernet) and is much better to use than DMX because you will quickly fill up a DMX universe of 512 channels very quickly and then require an new DMX network. So you will only get 170 pixels connected to a universe.
Using E1.31 allows you to send out many DMX universes out over a single ethernet network and E1.31 controllers can process many universes of data which is a much better way to distribute data to pixels.


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Jan 29, 2014
A bit more of my plans...

I always have to make the build or buy trade decision. I would dearly love to build everything but time is more valuable to me than money. If someone else has made something good enough for a little more than I can build it, I will often buy.

Ray Wu has a really good rep in the community so I wouldn't have a problem buying from him but for large chunks of cash, I would prefer to buy from a US supplier in case there are problems with shipping/damage/etc.

I am somewhat likely to buy a bunch or water proof 4 pin connector pigtails from Ray for my dumb RGB LED elements. I want error resistant complete interconnect no matter where I got the elements. I also need matching extension cords. I have 3 Rainbow Floods and several floods and spots still to assemble but I think any new floods will be LOR's 10W RGB Floods. They hit the right price to decide the build or buy question. Of course Seasonal Entertainment and LOR plugs are incompatible, so Mr. Wu looks like a stable enough supplier of connector pigtails

I am unlikely to go for LOR CCR's. A little pricey and 3 "bulbs" per pixel if I read it right. I could go to Wu but bear with me through a detour.

Considering I have a lot of network gear and raw Cat-5, I like the idea of E1.31 (DMX over LAN) a lot. I am looking real hard the E682. The specs are great. I like the accessory +5v out to power a small ethernet hub and facilitate daisy-chaining. Nice feature.

Seasonal Entertainment is running a pre-sale right now and has a good package price on a complete E682 setup: board, enclosure, power supply, 16 strings (choice of 5v, 12v, round, square) for about $800.

SanDevices has their package deal too, but I would be getting pixel strings myself, likely from a Chinese supplier (Wu) with my associated perceived risks.

<end detour> I'm still sourcing and pricing but I will likely get my pixel gear from SE. I hope 2 E682's and 24+ pixel strings for my tree and windows.

Right now, I am sold on 12v so I can worry less about injection. I am thinking about some null pixel extension cords so I can reach more widely separated elements from one controller (another need for a pigtail supplier).

I have S3 Advanced and I will be looking at Nutcracker. I've looked at several editors and they are all running together right now. I may end up using multiple editors and then exporting everything to S3 for control.



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Dec 31, 2011
Fremont, Calif.

I am a California LOR user and I have CCR's and superstar.....but that was before I started going DIY
This year I converted to E1.31 and will be adding a pixel tree, some singing faces and more dumb strips.

Lots of info here to be found check out the Forums and come jump into chat



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Dec 30, 2013
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There is a couple US sources and the pre-buy for one of the us boards favorites closes tomorrow for the one below, and a few others close out in February, you can save some cash if you can pounce now.

check diyledexpress.com, Todd is a great guy and prices are close to Ray (after his shipping of course) and then you will pay us shipping, but you have someone in the states to stand behind the product.

Generally 12v is better since you don't have the voltage drop..

Diylightanimation.com is a great place too for kits etc, no co-ops running yet so if you sign up there you can get in on the ground floor, their version of the lor is 1/2 the price and you assemble it yourself.