Hello from Ohio


Fiedler Christmas
May 19, 2010
292 Winkleman Street Ottoville OH 45876
Well i figured i might as well post up a hello about me. im not new to this but im new here. so ill go ahead and describe myself and projects. my name is matt, and i like long walks on the beach, unicorns, and cuddl.......wait, wrong window.

i got into diyc.com over a year ago and it just bite me. so now im always trying to make it bigger and better. my firs year was with about 160 ch with 2 grinch controllers and 24k lights. this year im going to blow that out of the water.

Heres this years plan
-7 grinch controllers with 7 Grinch to DMX convertors
-Almost all leds - some homemade strings
-close to 2k pixels to be used for archs and megatree
-200ft river of blue led lights

well i think that is all. most know me from the c7 cover group buy. ill post up pics and vids when i get a chance.


I have C.L.A.P
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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Well an official welcome Matt, even though you have been hanging out in the chat for last couple of months :D. Finding this place may have been a mistake as with all the goodies being discussed and designed its hard to keep yourself to a budget. Glad that you have become a committed member to the forums and a regular in the Chat. Looking forward to seeing what your display looks like this year with all the great things you are planning.