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Oct 14, 2021
Hello all!!

Lets see...

Finally did my first show last year using LOR and 100% LED AC Lights. Turned out great! I only had 16 channels and 1 controller, but I still have over 8000 LED lights. The show was super bright and very clean.

This past year, I've been struggling because I wanted to grow my second year, but was really feeling limited by AC Lights compared to the type of show I want to display. You can only go so far with AC lights imo. I know there are some massive displays out there with mostly AC lights. There is one here locally with over 80,000 lights. They do an amazing job and have helped me with my display....but it's not where I want to end up.

I've decided before I get too much invested into the AC lights scene, I'm going to make the switch to Pixels after this year. Hence finding this page thanks to Canispater Christmas. I know there will be a learning curve, but I also know my year of experience will help.

Downloaded the 101 PDF, will be reading that over the next few days. I think from previous research I know where I want to start and what materials I need for the most part. I'm sure current research will change that a bit. I want to start with 2000 to 3000 Pixels (I think). Likely go with Ray Wu. I will go with Falcon controllers and Meanwell power Supplies and run the show from a laptop. Not sure how many channels yet. I haven't downloaded XLights yet, but I am aware of it. I have a rough design of where I want to put the Pixels on my house. I do not want a Mega Tree or a Matrix "TV screen" at this time. I also know about Boscoyo Studios site. I have electrical knowledge and can build pretty much anything.

I have done some sequencing in LOR. My musical background has helped with that a TON. Once I get the handle of XLights, it should be pretty good ( I hope). Hard work yes, but I like it. I watch others displays and always think, I would have added this or changed that. To each their own though :)

I am however going to put up nearly the same show this year - better than no show right - I know there are plenty of people who have visited my Facebook page after the show ended last year that want to see the show this year.

So...that's the plan so far. Thanks for reading my long windedness lol.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions are more than welcome!
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Nov 29, 2012
Lebanon, Illinois
Grew up (if I can say that I "grew up") 45 miles to the north of you, right on the Mississippi.

You are on the right track. The 101 manual is the place to start!