Help with cables on ws2811 rgb strings


New elf
Dec 5, 2011
Hi all

Very new to intelligent lighting and after reading through hours of posts I think I'm finally getting an understanding of taking my Christmas lights to the next level.

I was hoping to get a little feedback on elements I am no doubt missing on my initial purchase from Ray.
Only getting a couple of strings to have a play with at this stage, then I can build up through 2013 for next Christmas.

So this is what I'm looking at

2 x 12v WS2811 30LED/m strips

1x 12v-350w DC switch mode power supply

1 x TH2010 series pixel remote

As stated the trouble I'm having is working out what goes in between (cables) to get this all working from 240v mains.

The long game will be to build up to a synchronized display but for the moment just playing and trying to build my knowledge.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Merry Christmas