Help with my first setup


I have C.L.A.P
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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
For me I just solder on the 3 core tails onto the strip and then I made up my own extension leads using the 3 core plugs and the 4 core security cable you already mentioned. I would connect the unused 4th wire in the cable up to the ground as well so you reduce voltage drop.

Then I would use 2 core plugs for power injection and then solder these on. I would also double up 2 wires in the cable for the +V and ground, again to reduce voltage drop.

The other alternative that some have taken is to measure everything up and get Ray to solder on the tails and cut the strip to size for you at an additional cost and longer shipping time . You can then buy the extensions from Ray and minimise any soldering