Hi from Tassie


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Dec 28, 2012
Kingston Beach, Tasmania
Greetings all. Yet another newbie who wants to increase the wow factor for the kids and grandchild (and my own warm fuzzy).
I looked at the location map and unfortunately there is none listed in the southern half of the state for me to do a behind the scene tour.
So... to what I currently have.
1 x 600 bulb blue multifunction set from Big W
2 x 200 bulb blue multifunction icicle starter set from Big W
4 x 100 bulb blue multifunction icicle extension set from Big W
1 x 250 bulb multi-coloured multifunction fairy light set from Coles
Quite a broad experience with electronics, construction, fault finding etc.
2 x P4 computers that can be dedicated to the display.
I am aware of removing the 8 way controllers and using the strings myself.
What I want.
Ideas for DC low voltage controllers and other diy stuff that I can make this setup look pretty.
I am not exactly the most financial of people, but if I have a budget to aim for it helps.
So not much, just the usual.
Maybe next year (2014) technology will have evolved further and I will have more means to go smart RGB and build a mega-tree.
The main issue there is the approx $50 (inc freight) per strip from china.

Love what I have seen so far and will be a constant lurker!

Chris (vk7hch)


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Nov 8, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

to ACL Chris
If you haven't found it yet the AusChristmasLighting 101 manual is your best place to start. It has links that may help you with your questions. If the manual does not answer questions just post in the forums or ask in the chat room and the friendly folks here will be glad to help you.

Be warned, Joining these forums and entering the chat room can give you CLAP!!! :D
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