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Jan 5, 2015
Wow what a great forum, never would have suspected such a great resource on lighting existed.

I guess i should come clean up front about the real reason I am here. My wife is a Teacher-Librarian at a primary school and she is very passionate about turning students into life long readers. Every year around August(in Australia) the Childrens Book Council holds their Book Week celebrations with lots of activities and events all focused around a central theme. Each year I help out by building the props and help to dress up the library to fit with the theme.

This year the the theme is "Books Light Up Our World", so we decided some form of light show would be a good place to start.

A google search soon turned up this forum and I must admit it has opened up my options for what to do with the lights after book week is finished! So while my initial efforts will be focused on book week I can see there will be a real danger of the C.L.A.P I have heard referenced on the forum. :)

To save costs I hope to take a DIY approach and use existing Christmas lights that i already have plus what i can borrow from friends and rellies. I have used Arduino boards etc. in the past so not afraid to get my hands dirty at the electronic level. Of course being in a school setting it will all have to be low voltage as well.

I have ordered some rgb strip and pixel strip also and looking forward to seeing what i can do with them. I love the star bursts and pixel canes i have seen on this forum. Should be an interesting few months ahead i think and with a bit of help from other members I hope I will end up with a display to grab the students attention.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Welcome to ACL. If you want some additional reading then download the ACL101 lighting manual as its a great resource to start with.
Also there is a great community to ask answer questions and a chat room where you can find someone most times to answer some questions