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    I'm from Sorrento in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

    I'm fairly new at Christmas Lights but have been putting them up on my parents house for a few years now but my dream is to go bigger each year but my parents aren't into Christmas Lights much and they think less is more and don't buy anymore Christmas Lights and yet I keep telling them every year that the only way to go big is to buy more Christmas Lights!

    But I would like to stay with white lights which are nice and stylish which I quite enjoy looking at. But don't know anything about designing displays or anything because my dad mostly puts them up for me each year and occasionally only puts up like one or two sets of Christmas Lights! Which from my experience at driving around looking at other houses I probably wouldn't bother stopping to have a good look at the lights I'd probably just stop for a second or more then move onto the next house!

    So my goal is to have people stopping at our house and having a look at them each year! So basically go bigger instead of just a couple of lights here and there! But I'm on a tight budget so can only buy things every now and then but if I had the money I'd buy a whole lot of lights and everything up front but can't afford to do something like that but if I could I definitely would!

    So what's the best way in doing something like this for someone who's on a tight budget?


    From Clint
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    Welcome to ACL, You have found the right place to do this on a tight budget as most members here don't have a lot of spare cash to spend on this.

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