How I hung my RGB light strips on my house.


New elf
Nov 10, 2012
Hey everyone I did a lot of research in the beginning to try to find ways to mount / hang my RGB light strips on my house. This year I went with PVC pipe as I was in a hurry and needed to get them up. Next year I have a different idea in mind but is going to take a lot longer.

I thought I would post how I did it for others to get ideas and to improve.

zip tied RGB string to PVC pipe and then use standard Gutter Christmas Light clips and clipped them to the gutter and then zip tied the PVC pipe to the Gutter Christmas light clip. Work great and is solid.

Built PVC pipe frame and used heavy duty Velcro to secure it to the window frames. So far so good. I do not plan on doing this next year but it seems to work.

Shingle Roof line:
took some old C9 shingle clips and modified them and then zip tied them to the PVC pole and then slide them right under the singles. This worked great and is really secure.

I have linked some pictures below so you can see them. These may not be the best ideas but its a combination of what I learned on the forums from others and some tweaks I made.