How to deal with irate neighbours


I have C.L.A.P
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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Now that many of you have your displays up and running, you now will be having increased traffic within your neighbourhood which may annoy some members. So how do you deal with these disgruntled neighbours.

First, talk to them, apoligize for any inconvenience dont avoid or ignore them, discuss with them the benifits it brings to the community and your chosen charity and that by them being tolerant to the display, they are themselves helping to give back to their local community by just putting up with the extra traffic, its really not much to ask for the benifits it gives the community as a whole. Most times this will work well as people then realize the benifits the display actually gives back, instead of focussing on just the personal negatives.

If they still dont care then really they arent worth worring about because they are selfish people who really dont care about the community, so with that you say the amount of people that are benifitting from this far out way the minority that dont care for community spirit so not having the display is not an option, so either look at the benifts and positives it gives the community. Or else they can just focus on their own personal needs without any consideration to the community, and if thats the case then they are the type of people you need to not worry about because they will always be takers and never give anything back.

So hopefully most will not have many issues, but you will find that nearly every neighbourhood has at least one or two