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How to Make CCR's work in DMX Mode

Discussion in 'Cosmic Colour Ribbon, Bulbs, Floods, PixCon, Pixie' started by Dennis Cherry, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Dennis Cherry

    Dennis Cherry New Elf

    Jan 8, 2011
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    Cleveland, Tennessee
    After not a stellar year, my display had several issues. I am always pushing the envelope for my budget.

    One Item is a major problem with the IDMX-1000 that LOR does not know how to fix. but this post is on my second problem.

    How to make your CCR's work in DMX mode. After asking many people and looking at all documentation from LOR, I could not fine any documentation to make my CCR's work.

    Started a trouble ticket last week to LOR and after a couple of posts to get past the basic responses I finally got my answer.

    In Standard LOR Mode, the CCR works with the first 150 channels being the RGB Nodes and the next 7 channels are used for the special macro instructions that LOR added to the CCR controller. Total 157 channels

    But if you want to use the DMX mode it changes the channel assignment drastically. The CCR now assigns the first 16 channels for the 7 macro channels and then at channel 17 starts the 150 channels for the RGB nodes. So you have a 17 channel shift to make the CCR nodes work correctly. It will work correctly if you want to use this configuration, but is a pain to reassign 157 channels per CCR this way.

    Now there is a fix, You have to eliminate the use of macros. This is not a problem for me, I do not use Macros.

    Go into the LOR Hardware Utility, one CCR at a time, and change one option in the CCR configuration. Change the DMX Mode from "Macro + RGB Channels" to "RGB Channels Only" and the RGB nodes will work on channels 1-150 again.

    Matt from X-lights has confirmed this also.
  2. fasteddy

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    This is how i have set up my CCRs to work in DMX mode, didnt know about the channel arrangement with macros but would explain why i could never get them to work correctly in DMX mode with macros, this information is nowhere to be found so ill update my LOR in DMX presentation. But im the same as you I never use macros so i just made them 150 channel strips with no macros and havent had an issue with them at all.

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