I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show


New elf
May 12, 2018
I might be able to contribute to this debate from a slightly different angle. When I created the official video for The Lights Of Christmas, I deliberately tried to make the visual elements match the lyrics (and also the melody to some extent). It uses a kitten to help tell the story, and where the lyrics mention candlelight for example, the visuals have a kitten looking at a flickering candle. Where the lyrics mention lights around the world, the visuals have a view of the planet from space at night etc.
Unfortunately however, many music videos contain visuals that don't directly reflect the respective song's lyrics and/or melody. This makes it very difficult to produce a flowing narrative that maintains interest and consistency with the display in general. My tip if you are going down the LED panel track would be to choose video elements that reflect the lyrics and melody of any songs being used concurrently.