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I think I am getting there

Discussion in 'The Family Room' started by averagebloke, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. averagebloke

    averagebloke New Elf

    Jan 21, 2016
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    Being a total newbie I actually think I am getting somewhere with understanding all that goes into a display.
    This is where I am at the moment and anyones thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Have decided on what displays to go with main ones being a 2d 5 meter high mega tree (under construction) using a advatek plug and play for the tree together with their lights. Mini arches, mini trees, and strips. I will probably go with Advatek controllers for these as well. Bought three large reindeer off eBay so want to wrap them in lights not sure what yet. Also I bought 30 boxes of 600 (18000) brand new big w blue icicles off gumtree with 3 string to controllers (great bargain at $80. Have been told best to go with a controller from Alan AAH for these. Waiting for the Melbourne Mini to hopefully find out how to remove the mini controller and connect to one or more of Alans controllers. Also have a large number of big w type lights not sure what to do with these but read where AAH is about to release a controller for these type so will get one of these to I think.
    Have been playing around with Xlights and think I am getting my head around sequencing still some areas I am grasping with but again hope to solve these at the Melbourne mini.
    FM transmitters I am totally in the dark again hopefully get some ideas and advice at the mini or before.
    Have ordered some strips and power supplies from ray wu not sure why yet but seemed a good idea just so i can play around with things before the Mini.
    Have been reading everyones forum posts a lot still don't make sense to me but every now and then they make more and more sense.
    My biggest worry is that it is all becoming addictive and to date I have not even lit up a light whats it going to be like if i actually get to the stage where I have got something working?
    Thanks to everyone for there help and advice so far.

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