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Icicles not working

Discussion in 'Lights - Store Bought and Home Made' started by Chris, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Chris

    Chris New Elf

    Nov 12, 2017
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    I have bought lights from Ray Wu, his 12V icicle lights, 60 nodes a string, as well as his 12V Strip lights, 30leds/meter. I also pushed bullet nodes from Altove as well as additional strip lighting. I finally get everything delivered and just hooked up both sets of lights to my falcon f16v3. The altove lights are working fantastically but the Ray wu lights, both the Icicles and strips are only lighting the first set of LEDs or nodes and it is a very weak signal. Am I just being an idiot? Any thoughts on a possible solution?

    I have triple checked the lights from Ray, they are ws2811, IP68, 12V, full LED - why are they not working when the exact same lights from a different company are working just fine. Are they know to not be compatible with the falcon? I am trying to run them off a test pattern, is it possible the icicles wont work on a test pattern? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, complete noob here so I am very lost.
  2. Goliath

    Goliath Full Time Elf

    Dec 31, 2014
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    I have 6 sets of the Ray Wu icicles, and they work fine, third year in use. One set was faulty on arrival, and I cut the first section off, soldered on pigtails, and they then worked ok. This doesn't sound like your problem, though. Ray gave a discount on my next order.
  3. i13

    i13 Senior Elf

    Jul 5, 2013
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    Are you plugging these lights into the controller while it is powered and sending data? If so then you might have blown the first pixel which will cause everything after it to stop working.

    Another possibility is that Ray might not use the same wire colours as Altove.

    Try connecting Ray's lights to the end of the Altove set (checking the wiring standards first). Each pixel resends the data so if there's a compatibility issue with the F16, this might reveal it because Ray's pixels will then receive the signal from the Altove pixels instead of the F16. It's also possible to get cheap little pixel testers from Ray and Ebay that come in handy in situations like this.

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