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Imported seqs into LSP

Discussion in 'LightShow Pro (LSP)' started by Porsche, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Porsche

    Porsche Full Time Elf

    Nov 7, 2012
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    Perth, Piara Waters
    Gday all, Im having troubles with timing marks when importing Seqs from LOR.
    Ive added (well attempting too) a few singing faces in my in show this year.
    I used papagayo intoLOR to get the mouth movements etc. But when I import the Seq in LSP it picks up all the timing marks. See attached. Which is great for channel 9 and 10. because they are at the bass beats I need to complete the rest of the show. But it also puts in the timing marks of the mouth movements. so as you'll see attached, theres 1000's of timing marks.
    Is there another way around this, I've tried deleting the timing marks in the LOR seq then importing over to LSP, but LSP is still picking them up.
    I really would like to have no timing marks shown or better still, select the timing marks I want and don't want.
    I'd like to complete the rest of my display in LSP with only bass intervals.
    am I doing this wrong altogether or do I have to just manually go through and delete the ones I don't want in LSP?

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  2. arw01

    arw01 Full Time Elf

    Dec 30, 2013
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    Eastern Washington
    Sorry missed this post somehow.

    LSP will show all the timing marks, and if you go deleting them the effects bordered will grow to the next timing marks.

    You can choose to highlight different colors so you are working just with ones you want and can pretty much igore the ones in the background that will be light gray when you are not working on their color:


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