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Interesting project in Perth

Discussion in 'New Members Say Hello' started by tonys, May 12, 2018.

  1. tonys

    tonys New Elf

    May 12, 2018
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    Hi there
    Firstly as a new member, let me say how impressed I am with the depth and professionalism of this site.
    I hate to immediately ask for assistance, but If anyone can help it has to be this community. In a nutshell, I wrote a festive song last year called The Lights of Christmas. It was deliberately designed to reflect a 1960s Motown feel and to highlight the way Xmas lights positively affect communities, families, individuals and indeed the entire world. It was distributed internationally on a fairly restricted basis, mainly due to it only being available as an audio file. Despite that, the song received some very good feedback. It got some traction with radio stations and background music suppliers in a number of countries. It was also used by some larger community light displays around the world and once again the feedback was excellent. Timothy Gay from New York State, who has the largest (or second largest depending on the source) residential display in the world, advised me that the song had been voted the most popular by visitors in Dec 2017. He had added it to his playlist of all-time festive favourites.
    However, it has become obvious that to reach its full potential, the song requires the support of a music video. Accordingly, I am currently in the planning stages of developing a video with a local production company here in Perth. We have what we think is an excellent storyboard, but require a suitable filming location.
    Can I therefore ask if there are any members in Perth who would be interested in allowing their home to be used for filming part of the music video? At this stage we are looking at filming in mid-July. We would need at least part of the exterior of a home decorated. We would use camera angles that would not require the roof to be decorated. If possible, we would also like a nice interior scene with a single large Christmas tree.
    I think the filming would take about three hours all up. I can offer a small fee, or a donation to your charity of choice.
    The video would become the official promotional tool for the song and receive worldwide exposure.
    I realise that July is much too early to think about erecting lights, but we have to do it then to allow enough time for editing and distribution.
    Many thanks
  2. scamper

    scamper Senior Elf

    Jan 5, 2014
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    Maybe if you give a sample of your song, you may get some interest. I know that there would be people around that would help, but as synchronizing xmas lighting to music is a VERY long and laborious task, it is not something that people will take on unless the creative juices are stirred, so to speak.
    We all have preferences with music and it is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. It is after all Art.

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