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Is anyone building their own laser shows?

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. smeighan

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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Is anyone using Pangolin QS software to create laser light shows? QuickShow Pangolin Lasershow Designer software ILDA from Xstatic ProX Lighting
    This software can create new effects (things like open an image file and it will find the edges of color), create animations with frames. It has more options that nutcracker and more options than madrix.
    $580 from ebay. http://www.amazon.com/Pangolin-Quickshow-version-software-package/dp/B006IUXJMW

    If you search for ILDA lasers (meaning they can read in these binary files to play a show and look for DMX controlled lasers), you can build your own show.

    There is a standard used by lasers called the ILDA (International Laser Display Association). The standard is listed here . http://www.laserist.org/StandardsDocs/IDTF05-finaldraft.pdf

    Someone has made some php libraries to read and create the binary file described in the standard. https://github.com/themainframe/php-ilda
    Arduino have done much with the ilda.

    So is anyone building ILDA laser shows? What laser and software are you using. If i get a laser, i will add the option of creating ILDA files from nutcracker. If i do this you would not need the QuickShow software from Pangolin (Although their software is always going to be way better than i could create)

    Just try searching for ILDA lasers one ebay that are around 25K scanrate. this indicates how many things can be drawn without getting the lag where you notice it.

    Laser price goes up with the higher scan rate and power. ANALOG inputs give more responsive laser

    $2350: ANALOG 40K scan rate, 1000mw RED, 500mw GREEN, 500mw BLUE lasers

    $1888: ANALOG 30K scan rate, 800mw RED< 200mw GREEN, 500mw BLUE.

    $355: 20K scan rate, 200mw RED< 60mw GREEN, 160mw BLUE.

    anyone have any suggestions for a good ilda RGB laser?

  2. bluzervic

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    I thought about this a few times. My only problem is the planes fly over our house at around 15,000 coming over the mountain destine for local airports... not sure if the FAA would like my show causing any issues.

    A hologram would be cool ...not sure of the cost though


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