J1sys D4 issues


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Dec 31, 2011
Fremont, Calif.
Not sure what is causing this, but it continues to happen on the J1sys D4 E1.31 / DMX bridge

What I see is the LED lights will stop flashing on some random port and the Port stats will show increasing overruns
The D4 at that point has stopped communicating with the device attached to that port because I can see the status lights blinking instead of being steady.

I have Keep-alives checked and start zeros
Interval is 50 ms
LOIP is checked and Baud rate is 250KBPS

The ports are all connected to LOR devices as such

universe 1 (port 1) - 5x 16 channel AC controllers / 2x 27(9 RGB) channel DC boards
universe 2 (port 2) - 3 LOR CCRs
Universe 3 (port 3) - 3 LOR CCRs
universe 4 (port 4) - 3 LOR CCRs

Anything I may need to change ?



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Sep 3, 2012
Andrews, Texas
I've had a similar problem on D2's. I turned LIOP off, and it got better. Seemed to happen most early in a show. Once something triggers it, it doesn't recover. I've thought that it's some noise or interference to the signal. My D2 dmx runs aren't terminated, and have groups of 3-ch controllers connected to it along the way. To further complicate, I went with the understanding that the ground wasn't important and cut those black wires on the 3-ch controllers.

Did you have all three wires connected? I'm assuming since you mentioned LOR controllers, you have all of them daisy chained. Did you terminate at the last one?

These were the things I was going to test in the off season.

One last possible issue I've considered was about isolation. I've got most of the D2 networks powered with the new outdoor 350w PS that Ray Wu sells. Multiple ones spread through each DMX circuit. Some may not have earth ground connected. I really didn't think it would matter. But then I fired up a P2 with a string of pixels. Extreme noise along the pixel string. The P2 was in an enclosure and was touching, case against case, with one of the 350w Power Supplies. I moved it to where it doesn't touch, and the noise goes away. The instant they touch, the noise is back. Earth grounds and isolation is probably more important than I realized.