Japanese Lantern


Full time elf
Dec 31, 2014
On a whim, I've decided to trial 4 of these this year. Really not sure how it will look.
Bought the lanterns at Bunnings.
Drilled a couple of holes through the base to run cabling through - they are hollow, and very easy (almost too easy) to drill.
Cable tied three pixels together, and will hot-glue them in position.
Cut out some scrap coroflute to make a diffuser (I actually split the coroflute to make it half thickness), and stuck it inside the lantern with silastic.
I will use a couple of drops of glue/silastic to fix the lantern onto the base, as these darn things are very easy to knock the lantern off the base, and being terracotta, they break.

The video is on my website, and downloads pretty slowly, also, I'm a crap videographer!

http://phoenixreborncoduo.com/files/Japanese Lantern.mp4