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Sep 24, 2012
Evening all.

I have a J1SYS ECG -P2 which I'm running via LOR. On port 1 have 150 RGB WS2811 pixel nodes which work perfectly.

On the 2nd port I'm going to add the following which I've bought and received by have know totally confused myself.

4m WS2811 LED digital strip,60leds/m with 60pcs
Smart LED STRIP RGB WS2811 IC chips SMD5050
60pcs 5050 RGB LED With 60pcs WS28IC inside to drive 60 pixels,Connecting with the controller can get more than 80 programs which are various color changing and almost magic effect

1. Model: 5050RGB WS2811
2. Input voltage: DC5V
3. Current: 11.5A
4. Led Qty: 60per SMD 5050 meter
5. Wave length(NM):R-650mcd, G-520mcd,B-460mcd
6. Power(W/M)::14.4W/M
7. Signal: WS2811 chip
The strip has 60 RGB per 1m so a total of 240 RGB's over 4m.

My question is it 240 RGBS = 720 channels? Because in the product description it mentions “WS28IC inside to drive 60 pixels”
Once I have this correct I need some assistance with the system config. Would the Universe be 5 start slot 1 and total pixel = 240?
The system seems only to like a total of 170 pixels per universe.
Lastly the strip comes with 3 cables Red White and Green. I’ve connected the Red to the Postivie, White to the negative and Green as the Data which is connect to the D terminal on slot 2 of the ECG-P2. When I switch on the power, some of the strip turns on without using DA-E131 Test source. Could this be due to the config being setup incorrectly.

Sorry for all of the questions.




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Aug 30, 2012
North Carolina
A couple of things. Universes can only be 512 channels, thats 170 pixels plus 2 extra channels at the end. That's all you'll ever get using DMX is 512 channels per universe. The P2 can do 8 universes. 4 on each output, thats 682 pixels per output. So you have all the output you need for what you have posted.

NOW...as far as hooking things up, you need to ensure you look at the pixel to ensure you know what's what. Red isn't always V+, my V+ is black on my pixels.

As far as whats coming on, YES, incorrect settings in the P2 config will cause lights to act funky.

If you're unsure, I would suggest you link to the products you purchased and then someone can help you with the P2 config. One of us can even teamspeak into your system and take a look.