Lawrence Drive Lights MegaTree Build


Apprentice elf
Aug 10, 2018
Really liking your posts , pictures and videos. They are well detailed and giving me lots of inspiration at the moment and Christmas has only just past.. I also use as much left overs as possible but a bit more caveman
style which still gets good feedback from the viewers , but hopefully this year I can build on things and create a display that's in the ballpark of yours. Keep up the good work !!!


Full time elf
Jan 16, 2018
I was after a alternative way to store the megatree strip this year.
I had previously rolled the strips up inside the storage boxes and used scraps pieces of cardboard between each string.

It worked ok.
I did want to try something a little different and had the silly idea of making individual rolls to store each string on so I could easily remove them one at a time for testing etc prior to the MegaTree etc

Well I ended up with these "Tie Fighter" design holders made up from some scrap 3mm coro and off cuts of timber in the centre. Simply stapled the coro to the timber centre.



These strings are 85 nodes @ 2inch spacing for idea of the lengths.
Once all rolled up onto the rolls they stored neatly in the storage boxes like this

Probably total overkill for a storage idea and did take a little longer to roll all the strings up compared to just dumping them into the storage box but no longer then layering them like I previously did.
Hopefully the benefit is being able to do a quick test on each sting whilst still rolled up prior to next years MegaTree assembly as I can see each node thru the coro.