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Laying the base of intervals for a sequence

Discussion in 'LightShow Pro (LSP)' started by anon, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. anon

    anon Apprentice Elf

    Dec 30, 2011
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    I'm creating another sequence but trying to figure out how to best lay the foundation of intervals. How does everyone do this?

    It's 'Carol of the Bells', so has a repetitive start. I create one loop, and would hope to copy and paste this multiple times, creating both the lights and intervals. However all pasted intervals can't be manipulated (as far as I can work out). This is a pain as the intervals need to be continually tweaked in time to match the notes, and also to be able to receive effects for other channels. This means manually selecting time intervals across the entire sequence. Having the intervals pasted would be my ideal method.

    The next option is to create 1/10th second intervals for the entire sequence. Create my sequence in those intervals (as best as they can match the notes in time). The downside is that it's not a perfect match and intervals need to be skipped here and there to keep the squence in time with the notes.

  2. ԆцряєсϮ

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    Dec 24, 2011
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    Not sure if this will help or not but I lay mine down at the start.
    I work out the BPM of the track and then lay down 4 intervals per beat.

    Ie if the BPM of the track is 120
    60 / 120 BPM = 0.5
    0.5 / 4 intervals per Beat = 0.125
    So I lay custom intervals at 0.125 or 1/8th of a sec.
    So far Ive found this to work well and only if the BPM changes throughout the track do I have issues.
    And its usually just a small tweak needed.
    I find I can copy from the front and paste at the back end and it all still lines up.

    Mind you this is also my first year using LSP or any sequencing software for that matter.
    Its not that bad a piece of software but it does require some lateral thinking to achieve what you want.
    Other more seasoned users may have easier methods but hey, ya do what ya gotta do to get it done!
  3. fasteddy

    fasteddy I have C.L.A.P Global Moderator

    Apr 26, 2010
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    I dont add any timing marks to my sequence at the start. I use the touch tool in LSP with music scrubbing and place the timing mark where it needs to be and for how long it needs to be. I will also add different coloured timing marks based on the effect/instrument that is used.

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