LED failures with ink1003


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Apr 9, 2014
I've had two led strings fail. They have both failed at the join on the metre marks. One was 2m from the input end and the other 1m. I thought that having them both fail at a join (manufacture joint not mine. These are new and I haven't changed them at all) seemed a bit of a coincidence. The joints are made by overlapping the strip and soldering the two little connection pads on top of each other. So I thought I'd see if it was a joint problem. I carefully cut away the silicon and soldered a bead from the end of one strip across to the other (only tried to fix one of the failures at this point).

I then connected it back up and now I have two strips that go to the 1m mark. So I lost another metre of strip in the process. Doing well so far!

This is the strip I have. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5m-DC12V-INK1003-led-pixel-srip-IP68-30pcs-1002led-5050-RGB-with-bulit-in-INK1003-IC/701799_1546255452.html . It says it can be cut every led but when I ordered it ray did tell me that he could only give me lengths in multiples of 1m.

Does this mean with ink1003 when you have a failure you lose 1 metre or is there a way of finding out which led failed and then just replace it and the one before to fix the problem.



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Dec 30, 2013
Eastern Washington
I lost a meter and half on 2 strips when I messed up a solder job or two. I was able to pull the dc dc convertor off one section I thought was bad and get it going as a passive section backfed by another of the DC sections.

You might try a 5v power supply and that's what does not cross at the borders at 1m.