Lights on Parkview 2012 set up


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Dec 28, 2010
Mawson Lakes, South Australia
Hi All
After using only LOR AC boards over the last 2 years I am looking to expand my show to include dumb RGB 5v strings and maybe sell off all my AC gear.
What I need is to confirm what is inside my head will actually work, what I plan to do is to purchase a ECG-D2 to convert E1.31 to dmx and split the 2 universes over the yard and include a collection of Rays 3ch dmx modules to power my 5v dumb RGB strings.
This is where I run into trouble, what is the best way to hook these modules up to each other as there is not a data in and out port.
Any help working this out would be appreciated as for once I am looking to get organised well and truly before November like most years.


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May 4, 2010
Murray Bridge, S.A.
you just have to may a Y connection to make the in an out.. just make sure the Y connection to the controller is very very short under 20cm max, 5-10cm even better
david at holliday coro did a video of them with his coro stars
hope that helps..
PS get to