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Apr 26, 2010
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This is taken from this thread over at the lightshowpro forum which Mike has posted and shows that there is lots of work going on in the background.

<blockquote>Minleon's LSP Quality Control Committee (QCC) Meeting

Meeting #4 of 3/2/13
Meeting Summary - by Major Subject

In order by Agenda Item

Attendees (alpha order)
Members - Fast Eddy, mmulvenna, MrChristmas2000, Ron
Programming Team - Rmonty
Absent - Dean David ( LithgowLights), n8huntsman, Jeff Burns

Development Summary
The QCC meeting opened with a development update from Ryan.

  • The scheduler is being completely rewritten from the ground up.
  • The playback engine and the GUI interface are being separated in order to achieve better performance.
  • The protocol configuration wizards are being eliminated in order to make them simpler by removing the excess screens during the configuration process.
  • The RGB commands will be combined into to one output command thus reducing the size of the optimized files.
Sub-committee Status
Video Development
Tom reported that

  • All existing videos have been reviewed.
  • A general outline for the video content and production has been developed
  • It should be finalized for the QCC next meeting.
[*]A process to find users to help with the video production will be initiated. [/list]
Forum and Website Maintenance and Enhancement
Mike reported that

  • The ?TRY LSP? link has now been corrected.
  • The introduction letter sent to users contains an old link so users are downloading an old version of the software. Dean and Mike will get this corrected.
  • The Version 4.2 upgrade notes for vbulletin will be sent to the QCC to get member opinion if there is any benefit in doing the upgrade.
  • Beta Version 5.0 of vbulletin is having a number of user issues so it was decided to hold off on reviewing that upgrade until a later date.
Beta Tester Team Re- tooling
No chairperson has been identified so Mike reported he will choose the candidates for the beta team and then get approval from the QCC for the selections made.

Increase trial period of the software
Much discussion revolved around increasing the software trial period beyond 30 days. Ryan agreed to verify the existing limitations. The committee agreed that the trial period needs to be expanded so after review and possible modifications of the existing limitations the committee will make a recommendation to Dean to increase the trial period.

Other Items
Ron reported that all contest winners have been contacted and that prizes are in process of being shipped. Much discussion took place regarding the introduction of a batch updater or the use of profiles similar to VIXEN. This has been a long standing feature request and the development team will investigate it. </blockquote>