LightShowPro v1.7.10159.1938 Update now available


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Apr 26, 2010
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LSP update now available, info from Davids post over at Planet Christmas

We are happy to announce the update of LightShowPro v1.7.10159.1938

Along with several critical bug fixes, functional enhancements have been made in several areas to improve hardware compatibility sequencing behavior. LightShow Pro v1.7 brings the industry leading and next generation in light show performance sequencing.

Among the many enhancements included in this v1.7 update, below are a few of the significant improvements:
Renard Plugin Update - New compatibility with multiple Renard controllers.
Renard Effects - Now compatibile with shimmer and twinkle effects.
Transparent Paste - improved pasting algorithym incorporates logic to tighten pasting area to prevent undesirable effect interruptions.
Clipboard Chase - improved logic now blends chase patterns and copy/paste areas with surrounding areas to smooth interrupted transitions.
Chase Tool - the enhanced chase effect tool can now generate chases in reverse order.
Wave Tool - the enhanced wave tool prevents choppy sine wave form generations.
Optimozation - Improved effect optimization performance.
Track Config - ZImproved interface tab ordering.
Track Config - you can now split channel objects drawn through the edit track/draw track image interface.
Track Config - Dialog was not being displayed every time it was requested.
Updated documetation on many of the new and updated features of v1.7
and much more...
The Update is available via the LightShow Pro Updater or available via direct download from the following location.