Links to other forums that you may want to check out


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Jun 20, 2009
Canberra, ACT, Australia
There are many other forums out there that have a lot of information for the enthusiast, and it is not often that forums provide information on other sites for you to check out.

I would say that all the sites below have a US centric flavor and focus on 110V lighting in general, this is due to the large scene in the USA.

If i miss one let my know.

For me the grand-daddy of them and one of the first i found is Planet Christmas.

Want to get hard core then have a look at home of the Renard series of controllers as well as Vixen software

also for the build it yourself person, home to the LYNX series of lighting equipment.

Looking for options to Vixen the LightShowPro is a good choice, the forums are at

Light-O-Rama forums can be found at

In the US there are many regional forums and if your in say Carolina then this is one of them

From Texas
And there is who is having it's 2nd Annual Academy this weekend!

If someone has a forum that might be of interest then throw a link in the thread.



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Dec 27, 2011
For the very technically inclined who want to look over the shoulder of a couple of folks who are freshly rolling their own DIY (for Mac's), is interesting. Skip and Charles are designing a whole series of new boards, with their own firmware, protocols, sequencer software etc - and they are documenting their process and progress as they go. This level of detail is of interest to a very limited subset of our hobby of course.