List of Proposed Topics for Minis

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    Here is a list of possible topics for the upcoming Minis, please add to this list with any other ideas, and please let us know if you want to deliver one of them.

    Fing :D

    ACL Mini Christmas Expo- Possible Electives.
    1. 1. How Much Did that Cost? – How to hide Mastercard and VISA receipts

    2. 2. Why Do You Need this?… - Justifying Matrices, Megatrees and 3D printers

    3. 3. Sorry.. – Why seeking forgiveness is better than asking permission. Continues on from Electives 1 and 2.

    4. 4. Vandals – How to deal with them, reporting to Police and where to hide the bodies.

    5. 5. DIY Drones – How to build a go-pro on a 60ft pole for drone like videos and keep the folks at CASA happy at the same time.

    6. 6. Neighbours from Hell - Dealing with the Grinch next door, council permits, AVO’s and the creative use of a Gigawatt LASER

    7. 7. Public Speaking – How to answer the same question 98,765,678 times and still smile.

    8. 8. Handling Complaints and Criticism - How to deal with “ the one next street over is better” and “I don’t like that song” – content contains overlap with electives 4 , 6 and 8.

    9. 9. Why I hate Lightning – More than 18,000 reasons.

    10.10. Sing your own Songs – How to beat copyright and YouTube restrictions, also discourages vandalism and visitors.

    11..11. Soldering 101 – Includes Fingers make the best clamps, How to test your iron’s temperature with your fingers, advanced first aid for burnt fingers and how to solder wearing bandages.

    12.12. Advanced Language Skills. – 9pm on 24th December and your display stops, just as the competition judges arrive? Use this course to add to your vocabulary. Includes which words go together and what to do when you run out of words and words you’ve never heard before. Previous course participants have also used this course content for elective 8 above.

    13.13. Make Your Own Candy Canes – How to save money by making your own candy canes from lysergic acid diethylamide and common household cleaning products.
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    like. i'll come to all of that.
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    HaHa, gold!
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    All these topics are very relevant and should be at each mini, very funny :D

    But to be serious here, many of these points raised are things that many of us have had to deal with when doing a show and many members are not prepared for the reality of what their show can cause.
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    Points 11 & 12. I think I am able to provide lectures for these two electives. Already have my competencies completed.

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