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Oct 20, 2012
Huntsville, TX
Hello everyone...

I just received my D2 yesterday and with all the GREAT posts here on ACL, I was able to have my bridge up and flashing in about 10 mins .. I have since tested my new North Pole with RGB toppers using the HolidayCoro DMX modules and I have created a LOR cross over cable and have my LOR box talking DMX ..

So basically its all working and I'm pondering converting my sequences over and just running everything from DMX... BUT .. in all my research and reading, I havent yet found what all parameters in the D2 setup are for. I will admit that I have not looked at Phil's video. I live in a rural area and have to use a Sprint Data card for internet access...

Eddy directed me to the post on the KeepAlive parms and I have updated with what I found however I'm basically doing a monkey see, monkey do thing since I really dont know what the parms do and what the values mean (Yet ... I hope.. )

I was curious about the Port Parms themselves. I did figure out to activate DMX port 1 and I just stumbled into getting the parms correct to get blinky/flashy going... (which is working GREAT by the way)...
I was curious about the Univ1,2 3.4 and LIOP parms etc ..

What i'm hoping for is direction to what these are, what they mean and how do I take advantage of them ..

My current setup is 10 LOR controllers and 8 of the 3ch HoidayCoro DMX controllers. I plan on adding more DMX and pixels (next year... Sandra.. my BEST half has already let me do the HC North Pole toppers and add DMX ... )

I cant thank you guys enough for the support and information that is being shared here.

Bob Moody


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Oct 8, 2012
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Last In Overrides Pending (LIOP) - each slave has a FIFO buffer that allows for multiple universes to be queued up for transmission by the slave. This can add some latency and is not necessarily appropriate when receiving a burst of packets all destined to the same universe. The current (non-LIOP) mode would queue up 4+ universe packets and then discard any additional overruns. Then the transmitter might take approximately 100ms to transmit the queued packets. LIOP mode examines the FIFO buffers and replaces (overrides) the queued data for the targeted universe thus keeping the queue to a minimum and always transmitting the most recent data available when the current buffer is depleted. The slave still queues multiple packets for multiple universes where needed for hyperDMX functionality.

Universes are 512 channels of DMX. Since your LOR controllers eat 16 channels each, you'd need 32 of them to eat one universe. So if you had 32 of them, then your 33rd controller would start on Universe 2 since Universe 1 would be full.