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Dec 2, 2019
I have a pretty decent standard xmas light display with icicle, rope & string lights, moving reindeer, blow ups & cutouts, etc but I'm looking to start taking it to the next level for next Xmas with a synchronised display using controllers & software but I didn't really no where to start. I've downloaded the 101 manual
I have a few ideas & wanted to start small & add on each year. I'm thinking about putting some lighting in trees around the house, purchasing some Xmas motifs suitable for the controller (trees, arches, stars, etc, etc)
Just wondering if anyone can give me some controller type suggestions & best places to purchase the software, controllers & lighting from.
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Dec 27, 2011
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You may need to read the 101 a couple of times for some things to sink in. Starting small and early will be your best bet, as you can finish a couple of props early on, you may feel like tackling another prop with plenty of time to spare.
As for controllers, Falcon are the most popular and therefore best to get any support from regarding setup (but there's plenty of threads and videos already online for these) @darylc often runs a bulk buy for aussies every year, so keep an eye out in the new year for that.
Software is free for both xlights and vixen. xlights is probably the most popular so again, support is plentiful on this site and facebook.
Lights there are a few vendors of choice from china such as Ray Wu, Paul Zhang, Felix/ben brown. Avoid ebay lights as quality can be dodgy.
There are local suppliers too for controllers and other hardware such as Hanson Electronics and Da-Share.


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Mar 31, 2019
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As DJGra79 said, start early, start small.

You'd be doing pretty much what I've done this year, where I've had a 'bigw' lights around everywhere, and have supplemented them with pixel lighting for this Christmas. I have around 3200 pixels, of which 1600 of them are on my mega tree.

Once again, Falcon controllers are my choice, and appear to be the choice of most of us on this forum. @darylc does a group buy, probably around May, so keep your eyes open then. There are others though.

xLights is the free software I use, but there is vixen as well.

Christmas 'motifs' you'd be looking corflute stuff from Boscoyo, but @Troy ELD from Extreme lighting manufactures the Boscoyo range over here, so it is easily available.