LOR 2011 Contest Winners Announced together with LOR LOR Sale


Sinnamon Lights
May 10, 2010
Brisbane - Australia
The LOR summer sale starts today - see flyer at http://www.lightorama.com/SummerFlyer2012.html
The 2011 contest winners have also been announced http://www.lightorama.com/ShowtimeShowcase2011.html
Congratulations to Nathan Berting of Dalby, Queensland for a great display.

"Nathan Berting, Dalby, Qld, Australia, Category 6, Our computerised Christmas light display uses 4 1602w 16 Channel controllers. During early 2011 Dalby (Our home town) in Australia experienced major flooding 5 times. We were lucky our display was not damaged. Our video link below contains our flood tribute video that runs prior to our Christmas Light show (Total of 6.5mins). This video was screened on a video screen at the start of each show, therefore meaning that our lights this year were synched to a video rather than just mp3. Hope you enjoy the video of lightsoncharles to see how we do it in Australia."


Full time elf
Jun 21, 2012
Kingston, Ontario
Congratulations indeed to all those mentioned. There are a number mentioned from down under but you may have missed 1 or 2 that I recognized:

[SIZE=small]Geoff Harvey, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Category 6, Christmas lights synchronized to the music of "Wizards in Winter" by Sinnamon Lights in Brisbane Australia. While use of this music is considered overdone by the lights community, it is still one of the most popular for my viewers. With the mild weather we experienced before Christmas in 2011, it was quite common to have more than 100 visitors standing/sitting on the footpaths opposite the display. This sequence builds to a climax with all my separate coloured lights twinkling at the end (this does not show well in the video), and it became quite normal for the audience to break out with spontaneous applause. Initially this came as an unexpected surprise, but was very flattering. My rendition uses about 80,000 lights mostly LEDs controlled by Light-o-Rama hardware and software using 430 DC channels + 80 AC channels together with 6 CCRs along the roofline. RGB LED modules and dumb strip have been added in 2011 to various fixtures and the strip is also used as a wall wash. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Ryan Lissner, Salisbury East, South Australia, Australia, Category 6, 26,000 lights controlled by 144 Light-O-Rama channels are the bare details that make up this South Aussie Christmas display. The objective this year was to refine previous sequences to be even more responsive to the accompanied music and also address some safety concerns by halving the amount of mains power 240v control in favour for much safer DC control. This was particularly important because the display is a walkthrough display - people walk close to or in some cases under lights and cables. The ground work for DC operation was done last year so this was relatively painless particularly as Australian lights are nearly always low voltage anyway! The popular Pirates of the Caribbean song He's A Pirate was the new addition to the 2011 display this year and received a positive response from the spectators. I'm a student with a student budget - I could do more with more money thrown in, but isn't this the case for all of us? Check me out, RYAN'S CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, at http://www.ryanschristmaslights.com[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Sorry if I have left anyone out whose name I didn't recognize.[/SIZE]