LOR 3.7 & ECG-P2 not working


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Sep 24, 2012
G'day from Sydney.

I've decided to enter into the world of RGB pixels for my Christmas tree for 2012. I live in an apartment so can't decorate the outside.

I have one set of 50 WS2811 RGB pixels, which are being run by a Joshua 1 System ECG-P2. This is connected by an Ethernet cable to the back of my modem. I've configured the P2 with a unique IP and also configured the String via the IP on Internet Explorer. The lights do work when tested via the DA E131 Test Source software. The lights have been set in Universe 1

I'm running LOR V3.7.0 Advanced. I've opened the LOR Advanced Network Preference and selected DMX, I clicked on UNV 1 & selected Use E1.31, with multicast IP ( Port 5568, then selected apply. I then close LOR Network Preference.

I then open the sequence editor with a new musical sequence. I've set 50 RGB channels. I've also enabled DMX editing via preference tab. I then open the RGB channel settings on the 1st RGB channel, select DMX as the device type, Network Universe 1 and circuit 1,2,3 for Red Green and Blue. Then proceed with the following channels.

I create a simple sequence using the Color Fade tool. I open the LOR control panel and the LOR Comms Listener opens. which returns [INFO] Connection accepted <368>

I also select DMX lights on and then select play nothing happens :(

Not sure what I should do from here. If I've let out any information, please let me know and I will happy to provide.


James .


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Aug 3, 2011
Gladstone, Qld
Welcome to ACL and hope you enjoy your stay. On your other post I have attached a link to a thread that should help you out