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LOR S3 only 16 channels of each RGB prop export into visualizer help plz!!!

Discussion in 'LOR General Discussion' started by DanJ, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. DanJ

    DanJ Full Time Elf

    Aug 14, 2013
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    Posted in LOR visualizer forum too. I have built roughly four sets of 100 RGB channels (roughly 1200 R/G/B total of course...) in SE, saved the new channel configuration, and have tried several times to export the new channel configuration into my existing visualizer model, intending to update it with the RGB channels in the RGB props. Only 16 channels for each RGB "prop" are exporting into the visualizer. I do have these props selected as "DMX", so I don't believe visualizer "thinks" these are regular LOR channels. I have tried both "load" types (one is by name and the other is by name/channel/etc); it looks like LOR tries to import the multiple RGB channels (I just tried it screen by screen instead of "all update", so I see the universes in that manner). I just imported my new "with RGB channels" configuration into a new sequence, and all of the channels imported correctly into a new sequence. I am learning how to use LOR S3 to sequence RGBs for the first time and I really like to see how the sequence is shaping up in the visualizer.
    What am I missing here? Thanks very much in advance!!

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