LOR software to Renard controller


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May 12, 2010
Monroe Twp., NJ
I'm having a real difficult time getting a Renard SS8 to operate w/ my LOR S3. We were on chat last night (many thanks to all those that chimed in ) and several tips were brought up. Here is where I stand:
Flashed the chip w/ DMX firmware starting address of 1.
Using LOR's usb dongle.
Set Network preferences to DMX - system found dongle
Made up cross over cable. Checked w/ multimeter.
Constructed Big Clyve's DMX tester. Results are both LEDs light - flutter. This happens on several patch crossover chords
Renard power light LED is lite green
When first applying power to the board, all status LED will flash as will some of the icans I have pluged in.
Open Control panel
System finds and recogizes DMX as noted on seperate background screen.
Set up new test sequence in LOR - DMX 512 channels chase all channels.
control lights
run sequence
NO Lights. :(

What am I missing??



I love blinky lights :)
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Dec 27, 2010
The 1st thing that I would do is run the Lights Up dmx test program http://sourceforge.net/projects/lightsup/ . There is a bit of info on the wiki on it under the DC48 I think. I think that it should detect the LOR dongle but as I haven't got 1 I can't say for sure. If the lights can be faded up and down successfully with Lights Up then go back to LOR. One thing that should be noted is that if a sequence contains both dmx and LOR network devices in the sequence and if either can't be found then the sequence won't run (or it won't on ver 3.1.4 which is the last time I ran mine). If either device isn't found the "control lights" button won't stay on. At this point I'm guessing that you are running LOR advanced as it is the only version that runs dmx.