LOR Visualizer into Sequencer Editor


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Nov 7, 2012
Perth, Piara Waters
hay guys, just hoping someone maybe able to guide me through this set up?
Ive purchased the LOR S3 software, looked at the tutorials onine how to set up the visualiser of my house and how and where im going to run lights. I managed to do this no probs.
But I cant seem to be able to attached or use it to the sequencer section. When im in the sequencer editor sequencing and press try to add visualiser, it makes me selct a photo I want to use from "my Pics" and then I have to redraw the images and props again.

am I doing something wrong??



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Jun 30, 2010
Adelaide, Australia
If your sequence and visualiser have been configured using the same channels and controller ID's, etc then all you should need to do is open the visualiser and press the play button (simulation mode).

Then open your sequence in the sequence editor, and check that "Control Visualizer" is checked in the play menu of sequencer. If not, click "Control Visualizer" to check it. Then play your sequence. You should then see lights responding in the visualiser.

If you don't see anything blinking or lights blinking incorrectly you most likely need to import a sequence into the visualiser as a reference to reconfigure your fixtures and/or props to the correct channels.

I've done up a video for how to use a reference sequence in the Visualizer:
Light-O-Rama S3 Visualiser: How to use a reference file

Still not working? Refer to above post :)