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LOR V's LSP V's Arduino

Discussion in 'Software Utilities & Other Sequencers' started by jibly71, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. jibly71

    jibly71 New Elf

    Mar 16, 2013
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    Noobiw question here.

    Have been using static strings for a couple of years progressing into DMX RGB lighting to enhance to look in the last few. Nothing really fully controlled.
    To jump in feet first to get all the lights to sequence together, what would be the definitive program??
    And what hardware would be suitable.
    I would like to take that next step of full automation.

  2. SmartAlecLights

    SmartAlecLights Im a SmartAlec what can i say! Community Project Designer

    May 4, 2010
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  3. AAH

    AAH I love blinky lights :) Community Project Designer

    Dec 27, 2010
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    There's a few questions to be answered before the choice of software can be made.
    1. Cost of software. Vixen and HLS are free. LOR and LSP aren't
    2. How many display channels/element are you going to use. Up to a few hundred channels Vixen is fine. A few hundred to a thousand or 2 then LOR is good. For many thousands of channels then LSP is the way to go.
    3. What sort of elements are you going to use. If you're looking at controlling static lights via dmx controlled dimmers the any of the software is suitable. If you're looking at lots of pixels then LSP is the obvious choice. You can do it with Vixen and LOR but the tools to do it just aren't there yet.

    I haven't played with or looked at HLS yet so I have no idea what it is capable of.
  4. GoofyGuy

    GoofyGuy Guest

    Ive never used Audrino but former LOR convert to LSP this year. Last year I had just over 1000 pixels, my display was only pixels in fact. In LOR some effects are a bit like fighting a bear in the woods over a honey pot while being attacked by a wolf after you have been slathered with BBQ sauce. The simple effects like a color chase, fades, and so on with individual props not to bad. The hard part is when you want your whole display to be 1 object and have it all fade, change color, or really anything as 1. In LOR thats the bear fight, in LSP its 3 clicks of a mouse and everything works as 1 big prop.
    LSP has its biggest advantage as when you layout your display in the visualizer it then knows the actual placement of that pixel in space and can reference that. In LOR you setup your visualizer and thats all it does show you what you did, it does not speak back to the Sequencer to tell it where a pixel is in space. LSP has the advantage in the pixel world. Not including the nearly endless effects with Macros and Transisitions that do not exist in LOR.
    Again I was a LOR user, now Im a LSP user as 100% of my display is pixels.
  5. fasteddy

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    Amen :D

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